Revolutionizing Social CRM

iMac Revolutionizing Social CRM

SocialExtract is the industry’s’ first cloud-based big data-mining social engagement workflow optimization platform that allows brands to manage and optimize social conversations and social marketing at scale.

Analysts like and Forrester talk about four phases of social CRM and claim that today’s solutions do not adequately address Stages 3 and 4. In Stages 3 and 4, organizations must be able to identify the most actionable, worthwhile social engagement opportunities across the vast, dynamic social media universe, and manage a closed-loop workflow that minimizes human engagement expenses while maximizing successful results.

Ironically, these are the same issues that created the need for today’s call center and interactive voice response technologies where 75% of expenses are agent labor related and rapid, quality call response is the key differentiator in quality outcomes. Today, business organizations are struggling with the same issues as it relates to handling social engagement at scale.

SocialExtract solves this problem.

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Our Recent Work

Greg Norman Production Company

  • Increase event attendance and sell tickets
  • Drive interest and viewers to tournament, website and related content
  • Increase visitor and social interaction traffic to related social forums
  • Millions of social conversations monitored, filtered to relevant thousands
  • Crafted, customized English/Spanish responses about golf, travel and Mexico
  • Sent prospects to event websites
  • Twitter followers: +160 percent
  • Facebook Likes: +14 percent
  • YouTube Likes: +16 percent
  • Total campaign posts: 12,172 (with 13 percent click-through)
Greg Norman Production Company Mayakoba Golf Classic

Global Response

  • Provide scalable online brand-care programs for clients, many already using social media for advertising and promotion
  • Save clients staffing / management, overhead for closed-loop responses to complaints, kudos and inquiries
  • 24×7 monitoring of all brand-related social conversations across social media universe
  • Find most relevant, actionable conversations out of millions of possibilities; route those to skilled brand-care agents
  • Engage those conversations with accurate, consistent responses, provide periodic client reports and necessary alerts
  • More one-to-one customer engagements
  • Increases in site traffic and order value
  • Increases in positive brand sentiment while meeting negative sentiments head-on
Global Response Outsource customer care center with top brand name client


  • Scale to meet growing volumes of social followers without soaring overhead costs
  • Responded to Black Friday and CYber Monday holiday sales days cost-effectively
  • Identify and respond to negative sentiments and issues, especially outside its own social platforms
  • Integrated social interaction capabilities with its call center
  • SocialExtract deployed, easily integrated within the client’s existing customer service call center
  • Only response worthy service issues and comments presented to the appropriately-skilled agents for processing, giving Systemax the ability to address issues which would have previously been unknown to them, but still hurting their business
  • Agents handled large spikes in social interactions from Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Systemax Leading multi-channel, tech retailer including TigerDirect, CompUSA and other brands

King of the Web

  • Build awareness among fans of major YouTube talents, to draw those talents into competition
  • Have major “YouTubers” encourage their fans vote
  • Generate more voting volume directly
  • Used SocialExtract partner search engine to find potentially relevant social conversations
  • Relevance Engine extracted 20 percent of those findings, sent to “Social Agents” via Conversation Routing (similar to contact center technology)
  • Conversation Packaging provides agents scripts to ensure accurate, complete and consistent responses
  • Found fans of major YouTube creators
  • Encouraged fans (1) to urge their favorite YouTube video sources to enter the competition and (2) to take part in voting
  • SocialExtract’s partner call center used Scripting and Conversation Packaging to ensure accurate, complete and consistent responses
  • Completed Call-to-Action rates: 19.5 percent (more than twice expectations)
King of the Web Lets people upload videos to compete for cash, prizes and recognition, per site visitors’ voting

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